Lawrence, Shmawrence

Omaha’s been getting some great shows lately, and I mean really great (go 1%!). I’ve already caught Interpol, Low, and The Sea And Cake in previous months, and I caught Godspeed You Black Emperor! a few nights ago. Godspeed was one of those bands that I’ve been wanting to see for a long time, one of those “need to do before I die” types of things, ya dig? It was an incredible show to say the least, and it was even better because I got to see it with so many friends.

Sadly, I’m not in O-Town tonight to catch Songs:Ohia. Based on that I’ve heard of his new stuff, I’d really like to be there, but A.) I forgot about the show and B.) I’ve been fending off a migraine since last night and somehow, I doubt that a smoke-filled club is the best thing for me right now. So here I am, staring at my computer. Go figure…

Before March is up, I might venture out into the Iowa wilderness for Unwed Sailor and the Notwist (and not in that order). April also holds a couple of good shows as well, including Knife In The Water, Cat Power, and The Faint. I’m really excited about The Faint because my friend Liz will be back in town that week and we’ll be glamming it up that night. I’ll finally have an excuse to wear all black.