Last Exile Box Set

Last Exile

Whilst perusing the DVD release schedules on Animated Bliss, I came across this little bit concerning a new Last Exile boxset. Despite having a somewhat anti-climactic ending, Last Exile still ranks as one of my fave anime series in recent years, which stunning character designs and animation, a thoroughly complex world full of intrigue, conspiracies, and whatnot, and a a very strong soundtrack.

Although a collector’s edition box was released when the series first came out, which came with a tiny figurine of Alvis (which is currently sitting on my stereo here in the office) and a mousepad, I’m really digging this new box. That’s largely due to the artwork of Range Murata adorning it. Murata was responsible for all of the initial character designs, and there’s something softer and more natural in his detailed artwork that, when compared to your “typical” anime designs, I find very appealing.

Strangely, I couldn’t find any information about this on Geneon’s website. However, Right Stuf is currently selling the box set for just under $90 (plus shipping), which is an absolute steal IMHO.