Kinji Fukasaku (1930-2003)

I knew this day was coming, but I just didn’t expect it so soon. Famed director Kinji Fukasaku died yesterday from cancer. I’ve only seen one of his films, the (in)famous Battle Royale, but that alone was enough to convince me of the man’s genius.

Fukasaku was diagnosed with cancer several years ago, but decided to go ahead with work on Battle Royale 2 rather than rest and seek treatment.

I’m really saddened by this. Watching the documentaries on the Battle Royale DVD, I saw a man who came alive on the set, who was passionate about what he did, who honestly loved making this movie. And you could see it in every frame of the film. I look forward to Battle Royale 2, now being directed by Fukasaku’s son, to see how that fierce spirit lives on.

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