Kick Some Grass

Shaolin Soccer, Stephen Chow

Another Steak and Beer Night has come and gone. We wrapped up the evening watching a little Duel to the Death and Shaolin Soccer. I’d forgotten how awesome those movies were. 5 minutes into Shaolin Soccer and I had the biggest grin I’d had all week.

Speaking of Shaolin Soccer, the trailer for the U.S. version is available… and in word… crap. I’m really getting tired of “Kung Fu Fighting” being used as the theme music for every martial arts movie that miraculously makes it over here to the States, along with the obligatory hip-hop soundtrack. I can guarantee that all of this film’s joy and energy is going to be overshadowed by the “hilarious” dubbing. The digitally-inserted underwear is a nice touch. And what’s with the lame slogan (“Kick Some Grass”)? I want to meet the marketing genius/intern who thought up that one.

Yeah, I’ll see it in the theatre, because badly-dubbed Asian cinema is better than no Asian cinema at all. But it pisses me off that Asian movies never get the same star treatment that other foreign movies get. Can you imagine “Life Is Beautiful” with poor dubbing, a completely different soundtrack, and a watered down ending? Of course not, but obviously Asian movies (especially those of the kung fu persuasion) don’t deserve the same treatment.

Take my advice… go to eBay and snag yourself an unadulterated copy of Shaolin Soccer, Miramax be damned.

Here’s hoping Miramax doesn’t blow it with Hero.

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