Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway Looks Like the Cult Movie to End All Cult Movies

What sort of film blends Afro-futurism, Batman, virtual reality, aliens, Stalin, and Jesus?

Every now and then, I’ll watch a trailer that leaves me with one, inescapable thought: “I need to see this movie.” It happened with the Lord of the Rings movies, the Matrix sequels, Casshern, and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. And now I can add Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway to that list.

Directed by Miguel Llansó, this Kickstarter-funded Estonian-Ethiopian co-production follows a pair of CIA agents who must enter Psychobook, the CIA’s virtual reality operating system, to combat a strange Russian virus that’s being spread by none other than Joseph Stalin himself. But when the virus begins to affect the real world, the agents find themselves facing an even greater threat.

If you’ve watched the trailer above — and if you haven’t, then why are you even on this site? — then you know the above synopsis is way too tame. It leaves out Afro-futurism, video games, kung fu monks, Batman, BASE jumpers, alien monsters shooting lasers from their eyes, stop motion animation — and oh yeah, Jesus Christ. (For a full rundown of the movie’s weirdness, read Alex McLevy’s in-depth review. It contains spoilers, though I don’t think spoilers are capable of ruining a movie like this one.)

Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway has been picked up by noted indie distributor Arrow Films, who plans to release a deluxe Blu-ray edition this September. It’s currently streaming on the Arrow Video Channel.

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