Is this web site in sin?

From Christ and Pop Culture:

God has given us clear commands in scripture on a number of issues in the Christian life. We know that we are not to commit adultery, steal, get drunk, forsake the church, or oppress the poor. But what are we to do when the Bible does not give an explicit command on a certain issue? Can we watch Sex and the City, listen to Kanye West, or get tattoos?

This may sound so frivolous, cheesy, or obvious, but I can’t tell you how many times I get into discussions about this matter, or hear about others having similar discussions. I think the key point to keep in mind is this:

On issues where the Bible has given no clear direct or implied moral command we are free to make our own decision. But, as Paul tells us [in Romans 14:22 – 23], that decision must be Biblically informed and you must be convinced in your conscience that you are in no way sinning against God.


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