Hey kids… just got finished making a few minor revisions to the site. Nothing major, just some enhancements that should’ve been done awhile back. Some new content should be up in the next week or so. Some big projects are coming up, and I’m pretty excited about them and the people I’ll be working with.

This hit me while watching MTV2 the other day… just how many bong hits were involved in thinking up the name Hoobastank? And it’s not like I needed to be reminded of all the piss-poor music out there these days.

Thankfully, there’s stuff like the new Frank Lenz album, which I’m really digging right now… that, and my birthday mixtape.

Fellow Nebraskans can agree with me on this one; I think God enjoys playing jokes on us with the weather.

Thanks to everyone who braved the ice and slush and made it out to the Tie These Hands/​Adimhalo/​Golden Age show last night. It was a lot of fun.