I’m not a huge Cheney fan by any means…

But it seemed to me that he owned Edwards’ ass during the debate (click here for a transcript). While he was a bit dry at times, he looked completely unflappable and projected a greater sense competence than Edwards — who tried way too hard to be smooth and charismatic (even appropriating a few Clinton-isms). I swear, I thought I was going to go insane if I heard him say “John Kerry and I have a plan…” or “I’d like to go back to the previous question…” one more time.

And some of those zingers that Cheney got in — wow! He left Edwards reeling at times, and the best Edwards came back with felt like base mudslinging. I can’t believe he brought up Cheney’s gay daughter. WTF?!? And even that didn’t get a rise out of Cheney.

Of course, now that the dust has settled, it looks like both VP candidates did a little distorting and twisting.