RR7349, Survive

Dallas-based S U R V I V E (yes, with the spaces intact) earned some press earlier this month when it was revealed that two of its members — Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein — had composed the moody, atmospheric score for Netflix’s new cult classic Stranger Things (which I might’ve written a few things about). Their work in S U R V I V E continues along that sonic thread, resulting in ominous ​‘80s-influenced synthesizer music that fans of Makeup & Vanity Set, Perturbator, and Sinoia Caves will almost certainly dig.

A.H.B.” is the first single from RR7349, the band’s debut on Relapse Records (listen below). And if you enjoyed the Stranger Things score, then ​“A.H.B.” is a logical evolution beyond it. The song’s more complex and beat-driven and moves through several distinct movements in its four-and-a-half minutes, but it maintains a similar sense of otherworldly eeriness that proves irresistible.

RR7349 will be released on September 30, 2016.