I Will Gladly March in Mew’s Snow Brigade

There’s something ridiculously awesome about my favorite Mew moment.

Last week, I wrote about the first two singles from Mew’s upcoming — and highly anticipated (’round these parts, anyway) — album. While looking for additional info, clips, etc., I came across what is arguably my favorite Mew moment: their performance of ​“Snow Brigade” at the 2003 Danish Music Awards.

Yes, it’s probably lip synched and all that, but when I see the band’s hair and scarves whipping around in the indoor breeze while confetti swirls around them, I just don’t care. There’s something ridiculously awesome — or maybe just awesomely ridiculous — about the theatricality of it all. Oh, and as for the song itself? It’s arguably the definitive Mew track, even moreso than ​“Apocalypso” and ​“The Zookeeper’s Boy,” and it simply rocks.

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