I Want To Be A Master Chief When I Grow Up…

I’ve already told those close to me that, should I disappear for a couple days following November 9, they needn’t worry. They’ll be able to find me in my house, hunched over an Xbox controller, and furiously trying to blow away as many Grunts and Elites as possible. That’s right… I’m talking about Halo 2, baby!!! And before you start smirking too much, I suggest you watch this little clip o’ Halo-y goodness.

Better yet, take a gander at this little marketing ploy. Or is it?

I’m not a huge video gamer (my brother is the gaming freak in the family), but I’ll pass up most anything for a few hours as the Master Chief. However, as much I like, nay love the game, there are those whose affinity completely dwarfs mine.

For example, there are the good folks over at Red Vs. Blue, who’ve made a living it seems producing hilarious little shorts created entirely in Halo. This is their latest work, which attempts to educate you on the difference between “Real Life” and the Internet (Warning: some of the dialog might not be entirely SFW, so headphones are advised).

And then there’s this little piece of work, which recreates the first 5 minutes of The Matrix in — you guessed it — Halo. “Why?” you ask. Probably because they could. Apparently, this act of filmmaking within real-time, 3D environments is considered an emerging artform called “machinima.” And you thought it was just a case of people having way too much time on their hands.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go back to counting the minutes and seconds until November 9…

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