I Might Have Been Wrong About Cowboys and Aliens

The trailer for Cowboys and Aliens is all kinds of awesome, and best of all, it doesn’t spoil anything.

When I first heard about Cowboys and Aliens, the upcoming sci-fi western from Jon Favreau, I rolled my eyes — I’ll admit it. Science-fiction and a western, cowboys and aliens, all rolled into one?! Perish the thought. The whole premise struck me as a joke. But having watched this recently released trailer, I think I need to man up and admit I’m wrong.

Of course, I’ll leave myself the obvious out that the movie itself could end up being terrible, but this trailer is all kinds of awesome. My friend Jeffrey Overstreet is right: it’s a perfect trailer. It sets up the premise, it’s full of action (thanks to an incredibly bad-ass Daniel Craig), and best of all, it doesn’t spoil anything. Rather, it does a solid job of selling the movie, which, if it’s anything like the tone of the trailer — i.e., lean, mean, and fast — it’s going to be an awful lot of fun in the theatre.

You can watch the trailer in HD over at Yahoo! Movies.

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