I, For One, Welcome Our New Giant Spider Overlords

The Giant Spider Invasion - MST3K

Somewhere down in my basement lies a stack of VHS tapes that contain nearly three seasons of Mystery Science Theatre 3000, from when the show was one the Sci-Fi Channel. And while there might be some folks out there who decry that era, I think it produced some of the finest episodes in the show’s entire run.

I still dig out the tapes from time to time, whenever the old gang gets back together, and there are a few episodes that we always watch, and which always leave us rolling on the floor in laughter: The Deadly Mantis, Space Mutiny, Agent For H.A.R.M., and finally, The Giant Spider Invasion.

The Giant Spider Invasion is, IMHO, one of the finest MST3K episodes, and is packed with enough zingers for three episodes.

The plot has something to do with black holes and extra-dimensional spiders invading rural Wisconsin, and a couple of hicks — who might just be the cutest couple in cinematic history — trying to fight them off with the help of a NASA scientist, a science teacher, and Alan Hale, Jr., aka “The Skipper” from Gilligan’s Island. Here’s the trailer:

Now, you could watch the entire episode on YouTube (click here for part one). Or you could pick it up on a newly released DVD, courtesy of Rhino Home Video, along with three other classic episodes: Giant Gila Monster, Swamp Diamonds, and Teen-Age Strangler. Click here to buy it.

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