I Am Not a Number, I Am… Watching This Preview of AMC’s The Prisoner Remake

When it comes to cult TV shows, few are more revered than The Prisoner. Created by Patrick McGoohan in the late ’60s, The Prisoner is perhaps the ultimate conspiracy thriller, chronicling the exploits of a former secret agent as he seeks to escape from the seemingly picture perfect “Village”.

Needless to say, when AMC announced that it was remaking the series, plenty of people threw fits. Although plenty of shows have delved into the same brew of espionage and paranoia, none have done with it as much conviction or panache as the original Prisoner. That being said, after watching the recently released nine-minute preview for the new series, my curiosity is definitely piqued.

While not as striking as the original, the new series looks to be carving out its own inimitable visual style. But the best thing about the remake might just be Sir Ian MacKellan, who looks deliciously malevolent and conspiratorial as Number 2, the leader of the Village and the primary persecutor of Number 6 (played by James Caviezel). Oh, and don’t worry, Rover makes a couple of appearances.

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