Hood Gets Brainwashed


I’ve never made any attempt to hide my love for the music of Hood. Ever since I first heard The Cycle of Days and Seasons, I’ve been enthralled by their pastoral and gloomy sounds. By the way their music perfectly captures the sense of travelling through rainswept countrysides that are littered with the ruins of small houses, and suddenly becoming overwhelmed with memories and nostalgia. Or the sensation of staring out the window on a grey autumn day and just losing yourself in thoughts of warmer, gentler times, times that are just out of reach.

Unfortunately, I’ve never had a chance to see them live. I came close a few years ago when they were touring in support of Cold House and it looked like they were going to play Kansas City, but that date turned out to be a misnomer. Until they actually do come to my neck of the woods, I’ll just have to settle for this interview/​concert video from the good folks at The Brain.

The video requires QuickTime and runs 25 minutes long, and intercuts between a band interview and clips from their show in Boston. Some of the tracks featured include ​“Any Hopeful Thoughts Arrive” and ​“The Lost You” from Outside Closer and ​“They Removed All Trace That Anything Had Ever Happened Here” and ​“You Show No Emotion At All” from Cold House.

As for the interview portions, the band talks about John Peel’s passing, the pros and cons of being on one label, and the burdens of trying to be in a band full-time. Good stuff, and the guys seem like decent enough fellows.

Note: I just saw a bit of depressing news on Hood’s website. Someone stole a large sum of money from the band while they were performing in Portland on March 24th. The sum would’ve covered nearly all of the tour’s costs, and its theft has left the band in a bad financial situation. Anyone with any information concerning this robbery should contact the band ASAP.