Okay, so I’m a little delirious right now. It’s 3:16 in the A.M., and I just got home from work not too long ago. Wanna know why… because iMovie is so freakin’ cool, that’s why!

I haven’t had time to think about Cornerstone at all lately, but now that it’s looming on the horizon, I’m as giddy as a schoolgirl. I was driving in the country earlier tonight, with Explosions In The Sky providing the soundtrack, and all I could think about was pulling into Bushnell…

I know some people complain about Cornerstone for this reason or that reason — too much punk, too many t‑shirt vendors, too muddy, whatever… This year, though, I’m just going for the whole atmosphere (not too mention seeing some familiar faces and making some new friends).

Oh sure, I plan on seeing tons of bands, seeing some movies, buying lots of CDs, and taking lots of photos… but those are just perks. The real benefit is putting the world on hold, if only for a week… and if I have to wade through a little mud or deal with a stinky outhouse or two, so be it.

On a sidenote, if you’ll be at Cornerstone, please say “Hi,” even if it’s to tell us that we need to pull our heads out of our you-know-where’s. And if you plan on taking pictures or writing reviews, we’d love to post them for others to see.