Here Comes The Rock

God bless the good folks at 1% Productions. The next few months look to be packed with solid shows. Just a sampling…

  • Aug. 9: Copeland, The Working Title, Lovedrug, Names Without Numbers
  • Aug. 16: Cursive, Criteria, Ladyfinger
  • Sept. 7: Son, Ambulance, Jason Anderson/Wolf Colonel, Mal Madrigal
  • Sept. 11: The ’89 Cubs, Carrier, Namelessnumberheadman
  • Sept. 16: The Black Keys, The Cuts
  • Sept. 22: Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra
  • Oct. 3: Her Space Holiday, Daedelus, Neotropic, Octavius
  • Oct. 4: The Faint, Beep Beep
  • Oct. 17: Explosions In The Sky, Mr. 1986
  • Nov. 15: American Music Club, Will Johnson (Centro-Matic)

I’m especially stoked about the September 11th show. It’s great that Nameless is finally making it to Nebraska. Unfortunately, I’ll be in Toronto that week. However, if you’re in the Lincoln/Omaha area, I highly recommend going. I saw Nameless a few months ago, and they’re quite amazing to watch live. And they’re nice guys to boot.

I’d love to see The Faint again, but there’s a reason they rarely play Omaha. There’s no venue that can really support them. The last time I saw them was in Sokol Auditorium with Schneider TM and Les Savy Fav, and the place was practically bursting at the seams. One can only assume that it’ll be even crazier this time, as The Faint are dropping their new album a few weeks beforehand. Even so, it might be worth it just to see what sort of multimedia goodness they concoct for the show.

October 17th promises to be a night of instrumental fury. Explosions In The Sky know how to deliver a solid wall of noise or two, and Mr. 1986 also know how to bring the thunder (in addition to being incredibly affable fellows with a knack for prog-rock and ping-pong). If you don’t believe me, check out the live clip over in the Gallery.

For more details on these shows, as well as all of the others, check out the 1% Productions website.