Her Name Is Calla

I know it’s early July right now. The days are long and full of golden sunshine, blah blah blah. Even in the midst of summer, one can still use a solid dose of brooding music IMHO, perhaps even moreso. And so I present Her Name Is Calla (not to be confused with Calla, a really good band you should already be familiar with).

Unfortunately, their website is one of those annoying, Flash-laden portfolio pieces that take for-freaking-ever to load. However, if you are patient enough for the site to load, click on the “Music” tab and check out the three songs they have (if you get tired of the haunting piano loop that plays as the site’s background music, that is). Or just check out their MySpace site instead.

Being the fan of atmospherics that I am, I found myself as interested by the eerie background noises and ambient sounds employed by the band as I was by their dark, ballad-like songs, lovely vocals, and morose lyrical imagery. The person who introduced me to them said they were reminded of Jeff Buckley and Radiohead. Personally, I’m also reminded of The Great Depression, another great band for brooding music (and who, by the way, have a new album coming out later this year).

And if nothing else, Her Name Is Calla have a song titled “Manos: The Hands Of Fate” — which just so happens to be my fave track of the lot — which gives them some bonus points right there as far as I’m concerned.

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