Hawkins, Indiana Is Still a Crazy Place in the Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer

Not even a shiny new mall is going to help Eleven, Mike, and the rest of the gang when the flesh monster shows up.

After some teases on Twitter, Netflix has released the first trailer for Stranger Things’ third season, and it’s pretty packed. It begins with a scene where the rest of gang welcome Dustin home, with bad consequences for Lucas. It’s hilarious, for sure, but is it really wise to give Eleven more nosebleeds just for a little welcome home prank?

The rest of the trailer is a flash of intense scenes, including:

  • Eleven trapped in the void between our world and the Upside Down
  • Visions of what might be the mind flayer from season two
  • Will apparently still reeling from the trauma of what’s happened to him in previous seasons
  • An assassin-looking figure
  • Hopper dressed to the nines on a hot date
  • Hawkins’ flashy new Starcourt Mall
  • The gang venturing off on what looks like a camping trip
  • And finally — because this is Stranger Things — a horrific flesh monster that’s most likely up to no good

The good folks at io9 have an exhaustive breakdown of the trailer, including some interesting analysis of Billy (aka, season 2’s big jerkface).

It’s also worth noting how much older everyone looks. At one point in the trailer, you hear someone (Will?) say “We’re not kids anymore.” While I don’t want to read too much into a single line of dialog in a trailer, I wouldn’t be surprised if the difficulties of growing up — and eventually apart from childhood friends — is an even bigger subtext for this season than last, and on into the series’ final season(s). (Stranger Things’ creators have said they plan to end it after the fourth or fifth season.)

There’s been plenty of conjecture about Stranger Things’ third season but we’ll find out for sure when it starts streaming on July 4.

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