Goodbye Minnesota

We’re well into spring here in Lincoln, Nebraska, and yet the days have had more common with late fall/​early winter than what you’d normally associate with April. You know: drab, dreary, grey, and cold.

Personally, I’m loving it, and it seems incredibly appropriate that now is the time that more details concerning Goodbye Minnesota, the debut full-length from The Declining Winter, would surface. The Declining Winter, if you’ll remember, is the solo project of Richard Adams, one of the founding members of the mighty Hood.

If Chris Adams’ Bracken represents the glitchier, more electronic side of Hood’s music, then The Declining Winter represents the band’s softer, more pastoral and autumnal side, à la The Cycle of Days and Seasons: think music for long, twilit walks through fields under a grey autumn sky, sipping tea while a cold fall rain rumbles around outside, or poking around in disused ruins in the middle of nowhere.

Or, as Rusted Rail describes it, ghostly songs filled with absence, longing and seasonally affected melodies — the sound of cassette tapes spilling out of the glovebox of a 1970’s Datsun Sunny somewhere in the north of England, captured on Super 8 film.

Goodbye Minnesota comes out on Rusted Rail on May 5. Preorders are now available, and the first 50 preorders will come with an exclusive Declining Winter badge and postcard.