God help us…

That was my thought today, as I walked back out to my car after casting my vote in this year’s election. It doesn’t matter who is elected — or appointed by the courts, considering all of the lawyers waiting to jump all over the results — a lot is riding on the next 4 years. It seems like such an easy choice, until you’re actually staring at the ballot, your pencil poised and ready to mark your decision.

Did I do enough research? Did I think through all of the issues? Do I really know what this person stands for? Do I really know what I stand for? Those were the questions that went through my mind. For some, I’m sure this election was an easy choice. Maybe Bush is a warmongering idiot who should never be allowed near the Oval Office ever again. Or maybe Kerry is an untrustworthy flip-flopper who can’t hold a rock-solid opinion to save his life, or anyone else’s. I thought it was an easy choice, but I had a heavy and confused heart in the voting booth today.

I’ll be heading over to an Election Day party in a little bit, but I don’t feel much like partying. I’m too worried for the next 4 years, and about the consequences of my vote. But at least I voted.

I hope you did too.

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