French Magician Markobi’s FISM-Winning Card Routine

Markobi’s routine feels like it could fall apart at any moment — which is precisely what makes it so enjoyable.

FISM’s 2022 “World Championship of Magic” took place in Québec this past July, and it featured some of the world’s best magicians competing for acclaim and prestige. French magician Markobi won first prize in the “Card Magic” category with a routine that’s all the more delightful for how messy and uncontrolled it all seems (à la Lennart Green).

Markobi’s routine feels like it could fall apart at any moment, an impression enhanced by his disheveled appearance, random humor (e.g., the bag of chips), and constant fumbling of the cards. Which means that when he hits you with a move or reveal, it’s completely unexpected and totally mind-blowing, as evidenced by the outbursts from his fellow magicians. (The reveal of the final queen, by the way, is chef’s kiss.)

FISM’s next “World Championship of Magic” will take place in Italy in 2025.

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