Fred Baty retires Crepusculum, releases a new song

Fred Baty is no longer recording music as Crepusculum, releases new song under his own name.

Earlier this month, Fred Baty announced on Crepusculum’s Facebook page that he would stop recording music under that particular moniker:

Alright folks, just a quick note to say that I have decided to call it a day for Crepusculum. I don’t see myself going anywhere else with this particular kind of music, so I figured it better to break off before becoming dull and predictable. Hey, my Polish friends seem far more attached to the name anyway…

Which is a shame, to be honest, because I quite enjoyed Crepusculum’s delicate, folk-inflected brand of post-rock — read my review of Sing On In Silhouettes. But Baty is soldiering on musically, and recently released a new track under his own name.

Titled “Ocean Coil,” it has some similarities to Crepusculum’s music, namely in the delicate guitar filigrees that form much of the song’s framework. That being said, it’s a definite departure from the Crepusculum “style”: it’s heavier, faster, and more propulsive, and dare I say, it even gets a little “metal” in places (relatively speaking, of course).