“Forever Rain” by Tor Lundvall

Tor Lundvall’s new single is the perfect moody soundtrack for a rainy autumn day.

Earlier today, Lincoln was blessed by a perfect autumn storm: dark clouds, chilly rain, grey skies, the works. In other words, the perfect weather for listening to Tor Lundvall’s brand of moody, synth-driven pop.

On the aptly titled “Forever Rain” — the first single from his upcoming Beautiful Illusions album — Lundvall sings “Cold grey autumn day/You always make me feel this way” against a ghostly backdrop of disembodied voices, sighing synths, and nocturnal beats. Later, he continues: “I try so hard to change my ways/To bring some joy into my days/But I always return here/To the emptiness and fear.”

In another context, such lyrics might be a bit too precious and mopey. But when delivered in Lundvall’s airy voice, and accompanied by lush atmospherics that bring to mind classic 4AD and Projekt-style darkwave, they work perfectly. I wouldn’t mind if it rained every day, not if I had music like this playing in the background.

Beautiful Illusions will be released by Dais Records on December 10.

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