For your holiday listening pleasure: A Candle’s Golden Glow

Being that it’s Christmas Eve and all, you probably have your holiday music already picked out. But should there be an extra slot in the CD player or some extra space on the iPod, might I humbly suggest giving A Candle’s Golden Glow a spin? Compiled by the dark-ambient/experimental label Dark Winter, A Candle’s Golden Glow is a good deal more left-of-field than your usual holiday arrangements. The comp’s fifteen artists reference the old standards (e.g. “We Three Kings”, “Silent Night”, “Hark The Herald Angels Sing”, etc.), but their more atmospheric and experimental takes ensure a completely different listening experience.

However, it’s no less reverent. I’ve found that some of the best Christmas music is that which veers off in darker, more mysterious directions — it captures the holiday’s more sublime aspects in a fuller and more rewarding manner. So if you’re looking for good Christmas cheer, then I suggest you stick with the tried and true. But if you’re looking for Christmas music that might cause you to think about the season a little differently, or put you in a slightly more contemplative mood — or if you just want something to purge your ears of all the holiday-themed pap you endured whilst wandering through the malls this year — check out A Candle’s Golden Glow.

In keeping with the spirit of the season, you can download the entire comp, plus artwork, for free — click here.

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