I know I’ve been slacking at updating the site lately, and I apologize for that. The past few weeks, I’ve become very adept at squandering my time, time that I could’ve spent working on Opus if only I’d been a bit more responsible. And in spite of it all, last month was one of our busiest ever. So thanks to you for always coming back. I hope you keep finding stuff worth your time.

I’ve just finished adding some new album reviews (and new MP3s), as well as an interview with Jeff Cloud from Cornerstone 2002, and a new Cornerstone 2002 video clip. New band photos should be up shortly, and I’m making my way through the Gasaraki box set, so you can expect a review of that.

I didn’t get much of a weekend last week, so I’m making up for it this week by holing myself up with a bunch of movies and CDs. Also, I hope to make some music with friends. The way life should be lived.

And while I’m listening to it, you should buy a copy of Circle of Birds. Now.