Finally… The full trailer for Kaz Kiriya’s Goemon

Twitch has just posted the full theatrical trailer for Goemon, Kaz Kiriya’s follow-up to 2004’s Casshern. Not surprisingly, Goemon looks absolutely gorgeous, full of sweeping vistas and incredible shots that make this look like it could easily be the best live-action anime to date.

FYI, the movie is inspired by the legends surrounding Ishikawa Goemon, a Robin Hood-esque folk hero and ninja who lived during the 16th century and was boiled alive after failing to assassinate Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a feudal lord who unified Japan under his reign. But I think it’s pretty obvious that Kiriya’s not really going for any sort of historical verisimilitude, what with all of the flying ninjas, mystical combat, dance routines, and whatnot.

Which is fine by me.

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