Final Thoughts

It’s almost 2:00am here and I just finished up some PHP/MySQL work for another site. Believe it or not, I love doing that stuff, and I’m especially jazzed about this work because it’s for one of my fave bands.

Some recent listening pleasure… Pushcar are pushing my buttons (npi) with their Catherine Wheel-inspired pop. One of my co-workers let me borrow a compilation of new “western” and “Americana” music with some great stuff like Jolene. Mum’s always a delight to listen to, and I should have their new album soon. And the Cocteau Twins’ Heaven or Las Vegas is one of those undying classics.

Did you know George Lucas is adding new scenes to Return of the Jedi, featuring Queen Amidala?!? While I guess the purist in me is a little ticked, I must say I’m intrigued by this idea of a constantly evolving and deepening mythology. Of course, as long as it doesn’t turn out to suck. And besides, it’s George Lucas. He can do whatever he wants.

Just because you’re sitting at your computer doesn’t mean you can’t meet cool people… support the Vagrant Cafe and MakeOutMedia.

And I finally got that Jet Li theme done for the front page. Click “Refresh” a lot if you don’t see it at first, and then go get yourselves a copy of Fist of Legend (subtitled, if you know what’s good for you).

On a related note, Sensasian is having a huge sale of great movies, including some older Jet Li movies. It takes a little longer to get your movies (they’re located in Malaysia), but they’ve got some great prices.