ExpressionEngine turns 2.1, gets a new website

For the last seven months or so, ExpressionEngine 2 has been available as a public beta. However, with the release of ExpressionEngine 2.1 (change log), the beta period is officially over. The road to this moment has been a long one for the folks at EllisLab — it’s been over two years since we got our first glimpse of ExpressionEngine 2 — so many congratulations to Rick Ellis, Leslie Camacho, et al.

And as a way to celebrate this auspicious moment, the folks at EllisLab have unveiled a brand new ExpressionEngine website. In the interests of full disclosure, I worked on the new website and I consider it a real honor to have been involved in the project. I got to work with people I respect for a community that I value and to help promote a product that has had a huge impact on my career over the last few years. What more could one ask for?

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