Everyone Has A Little Superstar Inside Their Heart

I’m sure you’ve all seen the “Little Superstar” video that’s been making the rounds lately. What you may not know is that the clip comes from a Kollywood movie entitled Adhisaya Piravi. Which, of course, you can watch in all of its subtitled glory via Google Video.

Ain’t those Internets and World Wide Tubes grand?

I’ve only made it partway through the first clip but believe me, “Little Superstar” is just the tip of the iceberg. (By the way, if you’re really enamored with “Little Superstar,” he has his own Wikipedia entry.)

And since we’re on the topic of crazy, mindblowing Indian film clips, be sure to set aside four minutes or so and feast on this, um, reinterpretation of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” — Bollywood style!

Read more about Little Superstar.
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