Gainax, ADV Films, and WETA (the company behind the effects in Lord of the Rings) have announced that they are making a live action movie based on Neon Genesis Evangelion. Still don’t believe me? Well, here’s the official press release.

I must say, I remain a bit skeptical of the whole thing in general. Evangelion has always struck me as one of those titles that can exist only as an anime. It’s too big, too ambitious, and just too out there to boil down into a single 2 hour movie. However, my skepticism is laced with curiosity. After all, people said you could never turn the LOTR trilogy into a successful movie (or movies, as the case may be), and Peter Jackson (with WETA’s considerable help) has proven them wrong.

I just finished watching the final volume of Banner of the Stars, an anime series that I’ve come to enjoy quite a bit over the months. It’s a huge space opera, the scale of which makes Star Wars look like child’s play, with plenty of characters and development. It definitely stands out from much of the anime I’ve seen lately, delivering tons of solid drama and intelligent action.

I also picked the newest volume of RahXephon and the first disc of Sugar: A Little Snow Fairy (which may very well call my masculinity in question).

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