Elsewhere, 9/12 (The “Hello, Lincoln” Edition)

A month ago, some kick-ass footage from Iron Man (starring Robert Downey, Jr. as the titular hero) leaked onto the Internet — and was quickly pulled. Director Jon Favreau, however, promised that we’d be seeing something soon, and here it is, the official Iron Man trailer, in all of its QuickTime glory. Can’t say that I was ever a big fan of the comic book, but this looks sweet.

Mew have just released an iTunes-exclusive EP entitled The Live Session EP, which contains five live performances: two from And The Glass Handed Kites, two from Frengers, and one non-album track.

jQuery 1.2 is now out in the wild. Make sure to read the release notes.

The 2007 Toronto International Film Festival is in full swing, and all sorts of folks have been covering it. Darren has posted capsule reviews from the first three days over at Long Pauses, Twitch has scads of coverage, as does Cinematical. And GreenCine Daily, as always, has a very nice roundup of festival happenings.

Cinematical reports that Viggo Mortensen may be starring in the upcoming film version of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road (presumably as the father). I finished The Road while on vacation, and Mortensen strikes me as a fine choice for that particular role. Also exciting is that John Hillcoat (The Proposition) is signed on as director.

On a related note, McSweeney’s somehow got their hands on “Brett Ratner’s Notes for His Film Version of The Road by Cormac McCarthy”. I thought the novel was pretty good as is, but it could probably stand to use some smart sharks.

Tobey Maguire recently announced that he’s producing a live-action version of the classic anime series Robotech, and IGN has put forth their casting call. Their choice for Roy Fokker is particularly inspired.

Au Revoir Borealis — has it really been that long since the Tienken EP?!? — have posted a new demo on their MySpace page. The song’s titled “The Winter Room” and it’s lovely.

It’s less than two weeks until Halo 3 arrives in stores, and the marketing campaign is moving into full swing. Which, if the rest of the ads are lovely as this one entitled “Museum”, won’t be that bad a thing.

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