Elsewhere, 8/28

Wired 15.09 — you know, the one with that big article on Halo 3 — also contains a great article on the guys behind Penny Arcade, one of my favorite webcomics (here’s one reason why).

Speaking of Penny Arcade, their annual Penny Arcade Expo recently came to a close. Now that festivals like E3 are cutting back, PAX has become the biggest gaming festival in the U.S., which means more videos to make us drool as developers and companies roll out previews, teasers, and walkthroughs. The 3-part “Developer Walkthrough” for Mass Effect is especially cool. And of course, let’s not forget Penny Arcade’s own game, On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness: Episode One.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned Olav Frihagen Bjørkøy’s Blueprint CSS framework. Jon Christopher, however, urges folks to avoid using CSS frameworks outside of testing environments.

“The deathbed friendship between a bishop and an atheist” is the intriguing account of Italian writer, and outspoken atheist, Oriana Fallaci: “Many conservative Christians nonetheless regard Fallaci as a hero, a veneration clearly on display Tuesday in Rimini, Italy, where the annual Meeting’ sponsored by the Catholic movement Communion and Liberation ends tomorrow. One of the most popular sessions was devoted to Fallaci, and it featured the man whom she asked to be at her side as she died: Bishop Rino Fisichella, rector of the Lateran University in Rome, and an intimate of Pope Benedict XVI.”

Back in the day — specifically, when MTV was actually a place where one could go to find out about new music — there was no cooler program than “120 Minutes”, MTV’s program devoted to “alternative music.” (Remember when that term meant something?) But like so many other truly good things on MTV, “120 Minutes” is long gone. But now, Philip Fibiger is doing the Web a great service: he’s scouring YouTube et al. and culling together all of the videos that one could’ve seen on “120 Minutes” onto one website.

For whatever reason, I found myself spinning My Bloody Valentine’s classic Loveless album. Which reminded me of a bit of news I’d seen earlier this week. Japancakes will be releasing their cover of Loveless — yes, the entire album — on Darla in November.

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