Elsewhere, 6/7

Orthodox priest Fr. Stephen Freeman reviews The Island (aka Ostrov) — in short, he loves it. Renae and I saw this film at last year’s TIFF and enjoyed it.

IGN Movies has the trailer for Shoot Em Up, the ultra-violent, over-the-top flick starring Clive Owen, Paul Giamatti, and Monica Belluci. Not surprisingly, it’s ultra-violent and over-the-top.

Stylus comes up with a list of the top ten post-rock albums. It might not feature Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Tortoise, or Mogwai, but no biggie. I can’t fault the top two picks.

As you may know, Christianity Today recently hosted a debate between Douglas Wilson and Christopher Hitchens on the topic “Is Christianity Good for the World?” The final installment can be found here. There’s also quite the exchange going on over at Wilson’s blog with regards to the latest installment.

Christianity Today also has a transcript of a sermon Philip Yancey gave on the Virginia Tech campus two weeks after the shootings: “I would like to promise you a long, pain-free life, but I cannot. God has not promised us that. Rather, the Christian view of the world reduces everything to this formula: The world is good. The world has fallen. The world will be redeemed. Creation, the Fall, redemption — that’s the Christian story in a nutshell.”

Pixelmator is an impressive-looking graphics editor powered by OS X’s Core Image technology. I’m not sure if it’ll supplant Adobe Photoshop in my Dock, but I’ll give a whirl come July.

I wrote about my great love of Parallels earlier. Parallels 3.0 has been announced, and the new features look pretty impressive, such as 3D acceleration. Who knows, maybe I’ll start gaming after all (my wife shakes her head “no”).

“How do you put your heart into that?”: Now this is something I can get into.