Elsewhere, 3/15

And the award for “Worst Cover Art Of 2007” goes to… the DVD release of The Fountain. Ugh… I didn’t care much for the movie, but even so, it deserves something better than this. I could eat a box of crayons and crap better sleeve art.

What is it with all of the recent Christian psych-folk releases? First The Christ Tree and now The Voyage of Icarus from Milwaukee-based Silmaril. Hopefully, this means that someone will re-issue The Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus’ discography. (Of course, you can download RAIJ’s stuff from here until then.)

Evangelical Christians attack use of torture by US: “…Christian criticism has tended to come from the right of the Bush administration. Yesterday’s statement on torture suggested a new determination on the part of the evangelical churches to detach themselves from the Republican party and stake their independence — even if it is from a position more traditionally associated with the left.”

Time for a wee bit o’ mashup fun. This time, it’s Sufjan Stevens and Feist, courtesy of Kevan Gilbert.

Off The Sky’s Jason Corder has been busy. His collaboration with Pheek, released under the “Social System” moniker, is now available. His next release, another collaboration entitled The Geist Cycles, will be available in the next few weeks. And finally, he’s recently uploaded a bunch of free music, including samples for others to re-work, to his own website.

Jeff Croft on website rip-offs and re-appropriations: “…one thing can not be denied: creative people, including us web designers, are more aware of intellectual property laws than ever before, and are tending to be far more uptight and even litigious about this sort of thing than in the past. I don’t think Nathan [Borror] and I quite have the exact same view, but I think we do agree on this: a lot of people need to lighten the hell up.”

So this is what XHTML 2.0 will look like…

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