Elsewhere, 2/3 (The Belated Birthday Edition)

Stylus gives The Christ Tree an A+: ​“Their origin story could be a cliché: a TV production consultant and his friend move from their upper East Side digs into an semi-abandoned loft in 1970, dropping out of normal society in a search for truth. Their living space eventually becomes a meeting place for like-minded people — and, voila, a commune is born. The members, all Christian, focused on the idea of service and bringing the word to others — this soon took on the form of musical performances.” My review will (hopefully) be available soon.

Where Did My Beautiful Internet Go? ​“Originality seems to have been sucked out of the majority of the internet. Why? Why has the internet so quickly fallen into certain patterns and simple designs?”

Epic45 has posted a new track entitled ​“The Balloonist” to their MySpace page. Via

So is this what OS X might look like in 2015? Of course, I’ll need to get a wall-sized cinema display first…