Elsewhere, 2/27

James Cameron — yes, that James Cameron — claims to have conclusive evidence that a tomb discovered in Jerusalem in 1980 is, in fact, the tomb of Jesus Christ and his family. The Discovery Channel will be airing a special on March 4 to reveal the, um, truth. Which, if it’s anything like their previous specials, will contain a wee bit of insight and then proceed to milk the controversy for all its worth. I wonder, could I possibly be more skeptical of the whole affair? And I’m not the only one — other scholars are calling ​“B.S.” on Cameron’s little enterprise.

Pitchfork gives the new Do Make Say Think album a 7.8: ​“Unlike their early work, with its abrasive tangents, their fifth album is fairly seamless — it gives more and demands less from the listener, and marks DMST as a band more invested in confidently honing and perfecting their idiom than in pushing their own boundaries.”

NME is hosting ​“the worldwide exclusive listening post” for The Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible (login required).