Elsewhere, 2/26

Jeffrey Overstreet on Syndromes And A Century: “I’m dizzy with joy. I’ve just had one of those rare experiences at the movies. It only happens about once a year, and sometimes it doesn’t happen at all. It’s that giddy feeling that I’ve just seen something which will become an all-time favorite, something I can’t wait to see again soon, and again, and again. And I can’t summarize what’s great about it, because it’s a vast, mysterious, and beautiful work.”

I love me a good small caps, and so I find this I Love Typography article by Alec Julien fascinating. An excerpt: Small caps are uppercase glyphs drawn at a lowercase scale. A common misconception — unfortunately reinforced by most word processing programs as well as by CSS on the web — is that a small cap is just a regular capital letter scaled uniformly down to a smaller size. In actuality, a proper small cap is a carefully crafted glyph that differs in significant ways from a uniformly-scaled-down capital letter.

Also on the typography tip: “A Font We Can Believe In”, which is all about Barack Obama’s use of the font Gotham in his campaign materials.

Vanity Fair has a very nice look at The Force Unleashed, the upcoming Star Wars video game: It is being billed as the next great chapter’ in George Lucas’s space saga, one that, according to the project’s art director, Matt Omernick, aims to convince players that, “Oh my God, I’m actually, finally, in a Star Wars movie.“ ‘ And not only that: it will be a Star Wars movie with a life of its own. Watch the trailer here.

Brett McCracken asks “Can’t Old White Men Just Get Along?”: “As our rapidly changing country pushes forward in the midst of recession and uncertainty, the last thing we need are a bunch of aging white men quibbling over potty mouths and conservative cred. In the globalized, digitized, Darfur-burdened world we now inhabit, there are bigger fish to fry. And that is one reason why the majority of Americans (and almost all young Americans) are voting for Democrats these days.”

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