Elsewhere, 2/24

Overstreet on Amazing Grace: “[D]irector Michael Apted has restored my faith in the power of political action to change the world for God’s glory. And in doing so, he does something even more remarkable: he restores my faith in the ability of the big screen to portray religious characters without becoming too preachy or sentimental.” I’m looking forward to the film; a lot of people were talking about it at the recent L’Abri conference.

Spoilt Victorian Child on The Third Eye Foundation’s “Corpses As Bedmates”: “I don’t know if it’s the strange reverb saturated sound, or the howling noise, that gives way to that twisted screeching, but whatever it is, this is the soundtrack to your worst nightmare come true.” I couldn’t agree more. The track is as brilliant as it is disturbing, and sometimes, I think I’d like to make a horror movie just so I could use this song in the soundtrack.

The Jesus And Mary Chain will be reuniting to play at this year’s Coachella festival, with the possibility of more shows, and even a new JAMC record, down the road.

Stereogum has posted a new song — “Cold Days From The Birdhouse” — from The Twilight Sad’s upcoming full-length, Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters.

Beliefnet has been hosting a fascinating and passionate (yet respectful) discussion between noted atheist Sam Harris (Letter To A Christian Nation) and blogger Andrew Sullivan (former editor of The New Republic, currently blogging for The Atlantic). The topics? God, faith, fundamentalism, the truthfulness of religion, and other wonderful dinnertime topics. It’s heady reading, but well worth it.

Can one truly have enough of Simon Pegg? Nay, I think not. Not when he’s gallivanting about in a pair of shorts so short, I cringe every time he takes a step. And so I offer you this teaser trailer from his upcoming movie, Run, Fatboy, Run.

Pitchfork on “Breaker”, the first track from Low’s upcoming Drums And Guns: “Perhaps because the core elements of their songwriting rarely change, Low have always strove to keep their sparse surroundings engaging and unpredictable, playing with production and instrumentation to create new and unusual settings for their creeping pop tracks.” It’s an interesting sound for Low, to be sure: much starker and more barren, though still ghostly and haunting in places. Drums And Guns is out March 20, 2007 on Sub Pop.

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