Elsewhere, 2/13

Christianity Today interviews Jeffrey Overstreet concerning his new book, Through A Screen Darkly: A truly Christian perspective is one that apprehends hope when all seems lost and design when all seems chaotic. A truly Christian perspective acknowledges that all human beings are flawed and fallen and that we cannot divide the world easily into us versus them, good guys versus bad guys. It doesn’t glorify Christians; it glorifies God. I just received my copy of Through A Screen Darkly and hope to write something on it soon.

Should you be having a particularly crappy day, might I suggest peeping the latest trailer for Hot Fuzz, which was created by the director himself and features music from Robert Rodriguez? I get a case of the chuckles everytime I watch it (love the Army Of Darkness reference).

Speaking of Hot Fuzz, the reviews are starting to roll in, and so far, it’s all about the love. Take, for example, this review from AICN’s Moriarity: …don’t expect any sort of direct parody here. Instead, these guys have digested every action film they’ve ever seen and they’ve spit back out something that speaks fluent action movie.

Ronnie Martin has posted a new track from the upcoming Joy Electric release to his MySpace page, and it’s… um… interesting. A lot more vocal-centric than I was expecting, but still with plenty of those delightfully childish-yet-spooky synth melodies that Martin does so well. On a related note, Martin’s already begun working on the next Joy Electric release, which might get released later this year.

Digit has an intriguing (if slightly technical and spoiler-filled) article on the wonderful visual effects that can be seen in Pan’s Labyrinth.

Paleo-Future describes itself as a “look into the future that never was.” Or, in other words, a collection of links to artwork, articles, and whatnot chronicling visions of the future from years gone by.

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