Elsewhere, 10/30

Stereogum has a preview track from Sally Shapiro’s Disco Romance, which finally arrives in stores today.

How did I miss this? Ceremony have a new release out on Safranin Sound entitled Disappear. You can hear a few tracks on their MySpace page, and they sound great. Prepare to kiss your eardrums goodbye!

Brett McCracken compiles a list of the best “Christian” albums of all time.

Andy Whitman has put together a 4-disc list of the “best songs of 2007”. He also takes a dig at music publicists, thereby reaffirming his status as one of my favorite bloggers.

Apple geeks should get a clean pair of drawers ready: John Siracusa offers up his ultra-thorough review of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. “…I’ve chosen to delve deeply into the aspects of Leopard that are the most interesting to me while also trying to provide a reasonable overview for the non-geeks who’ve decided to take the plunge into an Ars Technica review.”

The new version of GMail has been released into the wild, though not everyone has it yet (I don’t). Improvements include: better performance and usability, prefetched messages (for increased speed), and a new contact manager. You can see some more screenshots here.

Believe, indeed… the Halo movie is still in pre-production.

Speaking of Halo, Neil Blomkamp’s Halo shorts have been compiled into one single clip. If you’ve got the time (and bandwidth), download the large version (it’s real purty). If not, here are the small and medium versions. Via

The Sci Fi Channel will be hosting an exclusive special on the long-awaited Mass Effect. Looks like I need to hit up my cable-endowed friends.

Whaaaaa?!? Fox is developing an American version of Spaced?!? And without the input of Edgar Wright?!? And McG is producing?!? Sigh… I don’t see what good can come of this.

Stylus has compiled a list of the top films of the millennium… so far.

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