Elsewhere, 1/24

The new album by The Brothers Martin — a collaboration between Ronnie Martin (Joy Electric) and Jason Martin (Starflyer 59) — is out, along with a corresponding e‑card full of music, info, and downloads. (Minor annoyance: it does resize your browser window.)

In addition to The Otherly Opus, Joy Electric will also be releasing the Icicle Streusel EP this year. Both releases come out March 20, 2007.

Off The Sky has four new releases planned for 2007. This year just keeps looking better and better, musically speaking.

Maybe someday I’ll be able to write like Andy Whitman: “It’s ridiculous, this thing called faith, if I think about it logically. On one hand we have the vastness of space and the microscopic tinyness of my individual life, one of six billion people on one of the smaller, inconsequential stars off in an obscure corner of a galaxy, surrounded by billions of other galaxies. On the other hand we have the Creator of the universe, who is said to know and care about the most intimate details of my tiny life, including the number of hairs on my balding head. Impossibly, I get intimations that this is so. What are the chances?”

WordPress 2.1 — aka “Ella” — is out in the open. New features include: autosaving of posts as you compose them; a tabbed editor to switch between WYSIWYG and code editing; integrated spell checker; optimized database code for faster performance; a revised admin area; and over 550 bug fixes. Via

Smashing Magazine has compiled a list of 53 CSS Techniques You Couldn’t Live Without. I’m familiar with many of these, and they’re definitely something that any web designer worth their salt should have in their toolbox. Via

A List Apart #231 has been posted, with two new articles: “Paper Prototyping” and “Quick CSS Mockups with Photoshop”. Personally, I found the second article especially interesting, as I’ve grown increasingly tired of sending off screenshots as proofs, since they don’t give a very accurate idea of just how, exactly, the design will behave in a browser.

The second issue of Jambor-ee — an online resource for ExpressionEngine developers — has been posted, featuring new tutorials and an interview.

Veerle has a quick little tutorial on how to create good titles using ExpressionEngine. Via

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