Elsewhere, 1/17 (The Hospital Edition)

20 recent films that portray Christianity in a positive light: “Now, I don’t think [Steven] Greydanus is claiming that these films qualify as profound spiritual explorations. But they do stand in stark contrast to the claim that Hollywood’ (as if that was just one company, united under Satan) is operating under a mandate to slander and destroy Christianity.” Quite a few good ones on there. The first film that immediately came to mind was Junebug, though it’s not exactly a “Hollywood” movie.

“Is Huckabee Confused About the Proper Role of Christianity and Politics?”: “Christians cannot, and when they are sensible do not, expect pagans and non-Christians to submit to Biblical law in those areas where one must be a Christian to buy’ the arguments.”

So, just how many of you out there needed to change into a clean pair of pants when you saw Apple’s new MacBook Air? I don’t understand why folks are grousing about it’s lack of processing power, expandability, etc. People interested in ultra-portables aren’t concerned about performance; they’re concerned with portability (duh!) — and, I bet, the “cool” factor. Also, why am I not surprised that Greenpeace wasn’t placated with the MacBook Air’s eco-friendly status?

Remember that Chocolate trailer I wrote about earlier? The good folks at Twitch now have a subtitled version. Still as kick-ass as ever.

Speaking of Twitch and trailers, they’ve also got an English trailer for CJ7, the latest from madcap genius Stephen Chow.

Pop lovers rejoice! According to their MySpace page, The Lassie Foundation are currently writing and recording new material for an upcoming single.

“Ongoing Incarnation” by Philip Yancey: “Did Jesus visit this planet as an accommodation to human failure or as the center point of all creation? Duns Scotus and his school suggested that Incarnation was the underlying motive for Creation, not merely a correction to it. Perhaps God spun off this vast universe for the singular purpose of sharing life and love, intending all along to join its very substance.”

This is a few weeks late, but ah well: watch “Scotch Mist”, a live recording of Radiohead performing In Rainbows, in its entirety, on New Year’s Eve.

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