Dumped by Google

A situation that reveals just how little accountability Google has to us, their users.


Earlier this year, Tienlon Ho found herself locked out of her Google account for a seemingly minor infraction. Which, among other things, revealed just how little accountability Google has to us, their users.

…it had occurred to me when I had moved my work and memories into the “cloud” that I was relying on other people to keep them safe on their servers. But I figured a company with $50 billion in revenues and the modest aim to “organize the world’s information” had to run a tight ship. Anyway, it seemed implicit that in allowing Google to use my data, I could rely on Google to hold on to it — and to give it back.

In reality, I discovered, Google assumes no responsibility over user data nor is it required by law to do so.

Don’t rely on a single service — especially a single free service — for everything. Also, archive everything that’s important to you.


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