Down South, Pt. 3

A few twists and turns aside, I’m safe and sound in Columbia, South Carolina, and staying with my friend Melissa.

Hartsville was really nice, very relaxed and tranquil. I think my parents would love to retire there, what with all of the quaint houses and secluded acreages. I can see my mom freaking out over all of the photos I took.

There’s also a lovely forest in Hartsville, so I spent some time communing with nature. Like the beach, it was just a nice, simple way to relax, walking along the trails in the light autumn rain. I don’t think my photos will really be able to convey just how beautiful it was.

So far, Columbia’s been a nice way to finish out the trip… hanging out, watching Twin Peaks and Venus the Ninja, and reading Encyclopedia Brown books.

Tomorrow, the long trek back to Lincoln begins.