Down South, Pt. 2

Well, I’m just starting my 3rd day down here in South Carolina. Yesterday was spent in Charleston — walking around downtown with all of the cool shops and hitting various historical locations on the bay.

After that, Liz and I headed out to the ocean, and I’d have to say that’s when it finally felt like I was on vacation. Up until this point, I still felt like I was running around, driving countless hours to make it to the next destination. However, here I could just sit on the pier, feel the wind on my back, and watch the clouds slowly move across the water. It was one of the most relaxing moments I’ve had in a long time.

I’ve never been one of those hardcore vacationers, the kind that needs to see every attraction, research every historical site, and take hundreds of photos. I think I prefer to just sit and absorb the mood of the place, or at least try to find just one thing that makes me feel like I’m really there, and not just on the way to the next tourist trap. In Charleston, that was the end of pier, being buffeted by the wind, and watching birds swoop down for bits of fish left on the boards.

And then came the perfect end to a perfect day. We stopped for gas on the way back to Hartsville and I went inside to pay. While standing there, I actually heard someone use the term “in a coon’s age” in a real, actual conversation. Good times…