Well, the first leg of my trip (Chicago) went off without a hitch, and best of all, I didn’t get lost. Just suffered a wrong turn or two. Anyways, many thanks to Ruth for the hospitality (and for taking me to see Spirited Away), Jamie (for the White Russians), Jim, Jason, and the mecca of Italian food that is Babaluci’s.

Right now, I’m staying in South Carolina with Liz (of Vagrant Cafe fame). So far, I’ve done a pretty good job of completing my “To Do” list: I didn’t get lost; I went to a CD store; I had a lengthy conversation with a one-eyed man about Bruce Springsteen, Marilyn Manson, community language programs, and devil worship; I told off a South Carolina driver with my high beams; and I had some wicked fajitas.


I also got a chance to see the coffeehouse that Liz is helping out with. Although “The Midnight Rooster” isn’t open yet, it’s already looking really cool. I’ll have photos of it (and everything else) up on the site when I get back.

On a completely unrelated note, the Kansas Sigur Rós show is still a go. I know where I’ll be on November 15.