Deciphering Dwarf Documents, or, The nerdiest blog entry of all time

You may not know it, but Thorin Oakenshield has a blog. And on this blog, an individual by the name of DarkJackal has posted what is surely the nerdiest blog entry of all time. Basically, he took hi-res images from the upcoming Hobbit movie of Bilbo Baggins reading a dwarven contract and has deciphered the text of the contract, or as close an approximation as possible.

Having discovered the highest resolution images yet of Bilbo holding the contract which Thorin and Co. wrote (see end of post), I’ve spent more time than I’ll admit trying to work out what it says. You think Bilbo looks perplexed? I might have had better luck with the Dead Sea Scrolls. My findings are based on some visible evidence, and a whole lot of guesswork. Even so, the truly Hobbit/Dwarf-obsessed will be interested in what I’ve been able to discern, and perhaps will continue the study on their own.

Via Steven Greydanus