I was walking into work this morning when a co-worker told me that planes had crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. At first, it didn’t register. How could it? And then, as I walked through the office and heard the radio, it started to dawn in me. And even though I’ve spent the last 5 – 6 hours reading reports on the Web, watching news footage, and listening to the radio, it still feels so surreal… like I’m watching a movie.

How do you really explain what it’s like to watch video of an airplane plow into a skyscraper? To see the ball of flame erupt from its side? To watch it collapse in a cloud of dust and smoke? To know that hundreds of people died in that instant? To wonder what went through their minds?

I’m still in disbelief, and I can’t help but wonder where it all goes from here? How will my country rise to meet this? Does this mean war? Who do we blame? Could this tragedy have been avoided? Is this just a taste of things to come? But thoughts like that are trivial right now. Right now, all that I can do is listen, watch, and pray that something good comes out of this. God help us all.

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