“Darling Effect” by Insides (Live)

A sterling live performance of one of the dreampop duo’s best songs.

Back in 1993, the duo of multi-instrumentalist Julian Tardo and vocalist/​bassist Kirsty Yates — aka Insides — released Euphoria, a beautiful-yet-caustic album filled with tales of heartache and heartbreak wrapped up in shimmering guitar atmospherics and Yates’ sensual vocals. Flash forward nearly three decades, and Insides have begun making music again after a too-long absence.

The duo recently shared the above performance of ​“Darling Effect,” one of Euphorias stand-out tracks, on their Facebook page. It’s a stellar rendition and a good sign that Insides’ upcoming concert — during which they’ll play Euphoria in its entirety — will be something pretty special.

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